Healthwise Wales

The Healthwise Wales website for a new Welsh Government health survey went live last week ( The images I took in January this year mirror the accompanying TV commercial and incorporate CGI ‘bubbles’. A particular challenge on set was trying to visualise how the final imagery would appear with the ‘bubbles’ added and how the bubbles would actually ‘sit’ in the images. An interesting technical challenge and a satisfying blend of actual photography and CGI imagery:

HWW Cafe Bubble_galleryHWW Home Bubble_galleryHWW Library Bubble_galleryHWW Office Bubble_gallery

Fly fishing - a whole new world!

I’ve spent a number of days in the past few weeks photographing fishing flies. It’s a subject I know little about but I’ve been amazed at how many different flies are available and how intricate they are! Technically it was challenging as we had to devise a system for photographing over 2000 flies as quickly as possible without compromising quality - not easy when you see how small some of the flies actually are! Here’s a couple of images from the shoot:


221111_367 (1432)

If you’re into fishing, then you might want to have a look at and browse their huge range of flies. The new images are still being uploaded but should be in place sometime in January 2012.

Capture Pilot

I had the first studio shoot this week where we introduced the new Capture Pilot app for iPad and iPhone into the shoot workflow. Basically it’s an app which automatically links to the image capture software we use and displays the images from the shoot as they are taken. Rather than all crowding round one screen to evaluate images, clients can view the images on the studio iPad or they can use their own iPad or iPhone. It was certainly a hit with my clients who experienced it this week! Here’s an image of the app in action on the iPad:

Ghost mannequin shoot

I had an interesting technical challenge earlier this month when I was asked to shoot a new clothing range for the WRU and the request was for an invisible mannequin. Here’s a couple of the images and one of the ads they were shot for:

Long shadows and exposure blending

Well the sun is well and truly dropping in the sky now and those long shadow areas are more prevalent. But now we are able to take advantage of exposure blending and I seem to have been doing a lot of it this month! Here are a couple of examples from this month where I’ve taken multiple exposures of a scene and blended them to keep detail in shadow and highlight areas:

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