Amazing homes

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some nice places over the past couple of months. Here are a couple of images from one of those shoots:

Long shadows and exposure blending

Well the sun is well and truly dropping in the sky now and those long shadow areas are more prevalent. But now we are able to take advantage of exposure blending and I seem to have been doing a lot of it this month! Here are a couple of examples from this month where I’ve taken multiple exposures of a scene and blended them to keep detail in shadow and highlight areas:

Arthritis testing website

Some more studio work from earlier this summer has gone live this week at Lots of paint involved with this one - I’m still finding specks of blue and yellow paint around the studio 3 months later!! Lots of respect to our very patient and accommodating model Claudia, who endured a whole day of myself and Chris from the ad agency, repeatedly covering her in paint!

Spire Healthcare ads

Had my first sightings this weekend on a couple of taxis and a billboard of some the Spite Healthcare ads that I photographed earlier in the summer. I really enjoyed these shoots - the real ‘models’ from Spire were delightful to work with and got into the shoot really quickly despite not having any previous experience of a photoshoot, while Martyn Williams from the Cardiff Blues was a very natural model and also very patient!

New website - at last!

Well I’ve finally got round to getting the new website up - special thanks to those people who gave me feedback over the past few months (you know who you are!). I wanted something uncomplicated and clean (hopefully that’s what comes across!) and that works on multiple devices (Mr Jobs pretty much forced me down the non-flash route!). Let me know what you think - suggestions to improve the site always welcome!
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